Mindfulness training & retreats

Mind, Body, soul ALIGNMENT

Mindfulness brings about one’s natural state and provides a feeling of freedom; freedom of mind, body, and space, allowing one to feel joy in the doing; allowing him or her to BE as they DO because when aware, one easily and naturally recognizes what is already available to them and the opportunities that exist when connecting with one's true self and how the result of connecting to one’s true self brings an energy and drive to know and fulfill a greater purpose just by being natural and tapping into that naturally existing inward energy that guides, renews, and restores the human condition’s receptivity to connecting back with nature and oneness- opening opportunities and saying yes to loving kindness and compassion.

Leading on the Ground: A Journey of Purpose, Peace and Prosperity (TM)

Mindful Farming

Happy Farmers Change the World

Mindful Farming practices in Plum Village Happy Farm (Organic)